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Discount Mobility Aids

TemCare features an excellent selection of mobility aids that not only offer a wide range of mobility options, but extremely high quality items at affordable prices. Our goal is to promote greater independence, increase your self confidence and ultimately increase your life’s enjoyment. The products featured in our mobility section consist of items that we have personally selected based on their ease of use, design and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re looking for crutches, discount canes or other discount mobility aids, at TemCare, we can offer you the very best quality at prices that make it easy for you to stay active and mobile.

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Walkers Wheelchairs

Rollator Walkers

At TemCare, we carry a selection of sturdy and convenient discount rollator walkers that will offer you greater mobility both indoors and outdoors. Their features include, durable 8-inch caster wheels, adjustable handles, padded seats and backrests. These rollators also offer the convenience of easy folding for both storage and transportation. When it comes to lightweight versatility and extra sturdy construction at a discounted price, you won’t find a better deal for rollator walkers at our one-stop online medical supply store.

Remember all orders totaling $99 or more receive FREE shipping!

Discount Wheelchairs

For the ultimate in comfort and mobility, TemCare has selected an assortment of exceptional high quality discount wheelchairs that are designed to be lightweight and maneuverable. Choose from a number of different wheelchairs that offer features that will best suit your specific needs and requirements without having to pay top dollar. Whether you are looking for a self-propelled chair, a transport chair or a chair that can used as both, you won’t find better quality at the most affordable prices.

Remember all orders totaling $99 or more receives FREE shipping!

At TemCare, we specialize in mobility aids that not only afford lightweight, ease of use with the most advanced engineered construction, but are also offered at prices that are designed to be affordable. We believe that the quality of life is greatly enhanced when you have access to the features and benefits of mobility aids that allow you to be where you want to be without excess concern over cost.