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Hinged Knee Stabilizer
Our Price: $39.95
TemCare Pro LSO
Our Price: $79.95

Discount Medical Supplies & Equipment from TemCare

TemCare is the premier provider of all your at-home medical equipment supplies and affordable medical supply needs. We understand that medical supplies and equipment can sometimes be cost-prohibitive for those who are on a tight budget. This is the primary reason why TemCare strives to offer the highest quality medical equipment and supplies at the lowest prices available anywhere.

At TemCare, we feel that comprehensive medical insurance or finances, in general, shouldn’t dictate whether or not you can obtain the critical medical care supplies and equipment that you require. Our focus is on quality as well as affordability. Our comprehensive medical supply list includes items such as:

  • Diabetic Supplies – Blood glucose monitoring systems, Diabetes management software, Massage lotions and creams, Insulin syringes and Glucose testing strips.
  • Orthotic Supplies – Knee and back orthotic solutions, Lumbar support, wrist supports, Ankle support and Immobilizer collars.
  • Mobility Aids – Canes, Walkers, Crutches, Wheelchairs and Rollators.
  • Pain Management Supplies – Heating Pads, Pain-Relieving gels, Pain-Relieving Sprays, Pain-Relieving Roll-Ons plus Hot/Cold Therapy packs.
  • Home Diagnostics – Blood Pressure Monitors, Stethoscopes and Pulse Meters.

At TemCare, our commitment is to offer the absolute best medical supply equipment backed by superior customer service at prices you can afford. In addition - Free Shipping on selected items and all orders over $99!